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Miracle in Marrakech

2013 June 27
by Amaya Webster

As you have no doubt all heard by now, history was made in Marrakech this month as ten days of hard negotiations resulted in consensus on the text of a WIPO treaty that should remove legal barriers to equal access to text for the print disabled. Benetech’s CEO Jim Fruchterman was a key participant in the negotiations.

Jim Fruchterman, the head of Benetech, which runs Bookshare, a digital platform providing special format books for visually impaired people, said, “We are extremely excited about the treaty. We have the technology and we have the content, now we have a legal regime to make it possible for every person with print disabilities on the planet to get access to the books they need for education, employment, and social inclusion.” –Catherine Saez, Intellectual Property Watch

A heartfelt round of applause to everyone who labored to make this happen. Those lucky enough to be assembled in Marrakech were treated to a special visit from Stevie Wonder, who promised to appear should the treaty negotiation be successful.

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