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June 2013 Software Development Update

2013 June 27

WAVE Toolbar: DIAGRAM subcontract work highlighted

The WAVE toolbar developed by gh LLC under subcontract with the DIAGRAM Center was highlighted in a recent Newswise article entitled “Blind to Get First Chance at Written Remote Math Conversations.” Click here for the full text, but here is an excerpt:

To facilitate student input, the new system employs the WAVE toolbar created by gh LLC so that keys on the keyboard can be used to write mathematical equations in print for sighted teachers. Simultaneously, the new system writes the student’s equations in MathML that can read it aloud correctly for the student. Researchers have already gotten a glimpse of the possibilities for expanded future uses.

The new system that includes the WAVE toolbar will debut next month at the NFB Convention, where it will also be tested with end users. Congratulations to Dave Schleppenbach and the entire gh LLC team on this fantastic work.

Sneak peek: Description help wizard for Poet

In July 2013 DIAGRAM expects to release a much-anticipated enhancement to its Poet image description tool, the description help wizard. The wizard will be available from a drop-down menu and will provide in-context help and guidance to describers for common types of complex images such as flow charts and Venn diagrams. Ten common image types following the NCAM guidelines will be provided. For each one, you will see an example, description guidelines, and even a template (if it applies). In the example pictured here, the describer has selected “flow chart” – a sample flow chart and guidance for describing flow charts then appears in the lower left pane of the screen.

Description Wizard in Poet

Image Description Wizard

Tools Working Group Update

Co-chairs Gerardo Capiel and Geoff Freed will hold the next quarterly meeting of the Tools Working Group in August 2013 on a date to be determined. Please visit the Tools Working Group wiki page for past meeting notes and other resources, and let Gerardo or Geoff know if you have ideas to contribute for next month’s discussion.


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