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Notes from DIAGRAM Advisory Board Meeting, 7/24

2013 July 25
by Amaya Webster

Attendees: James Pritchett, Lucia Hasty, Elaine Ober, Jim Allan, Laurie Vasquez, Jim Downs, Mark Hakkinen, George Kerscher, Larry Goldberg, Geoff Freed, and Bryan Gould, Julie Noblitt, Sue-Ann Ma, Madeleine Rothberg, Lore Schindler, Ike Presley, Anh Bui

1. Content WG update (Lucia/Elaine)

  • First image is almost done except for the tactile graphic version (heart and lung diagram from k-12)
  • other images to include would be additional k-12 education samples from math and something else, and then higher ed from econ, chemistry and maybe a map, and foreign lang, and something from children’s book, and something from general non-fiction, and then from illustrated mass market type travel book; will need to locate those but will also need to evaluate which accessible treatments are appropriate for each image
  • ACTION: Content WG to have first sample, table of contents and schedule posted within a month (hopefully sooner)
  • will release in parts as progress is being made
  • as we go forward choosing each of the images, we need help in identifying good source of those materials; help in identifying some of the images
  • ACTION: Content WG to follow up with Jim Allan, who had suggested something in chemistry
  • ACTION: All members, feel free to send Elaine and Lucia appropriate samples

2. Standards discussion: describedby recommendation (George)

  • epub 3.0.1 has been submitted
  • decided to use describedby for linking mechanism; DIAGRAM website standards page has been updated with recommendation
  • Matt Garrish has created sample ebook with those different mechanisms in there and distributed to folks for review and started to evaluate which reading systems actually renders these materials
  • within w3c aria working group, trying to push describedat, moving forward both types
  • these are both separate from annotation; that work would take place in 2014
  • @longdesc is w3c extension in draft status so not part of html5 but a separate spec; it looks like that’s moving forward and going to be approved so html documents could use longdesc and some browsers support it ; but would not be in epub 3
  • To use content model,  content producer would transform the content into html and then put it into one of the mechanisms and that would be in the production process; could use the content model to store the content and at time of creation do the transformation and incorporate it into your file
  • at some point, hope that describedat will take place of this but we will still need to figure out the interactions there
  • all of this becomes more interesting and relevant with AAP announcement:
    • 6-month project to deliver epub to all
    • want to identify baseline accessibility for all docs
    • will include in discussion the reading system vendors as well so they would have support for baseline a11y
    • mathml is part of baseline as a given, but big question is what happens to the images
    • we are going to have to weigh in on this process on what is the baseline? george and markus will be at the meeting in September
    • would also like to see the work that’s done here picked up by all the publishing groups worldwide; metadata, images, etc.
    • have identified 130 features related to accessibility
    • ACTION: George + Benetech to strategize ways to make sure that DIAGRAM community input gets incorporated into baseline recommendations
  • DAISY consortium has distributed a reading system screen methodology and asking for community feedback, most of the comments have been very positive
  • ACTION: Julie check in newsletter and mention reading system screening methodology if not there already

3. Outreach Committee update (Julie)

  • video about image accessibility being produced
  • website refresh coming to make finding information easier as well
  • to prepare for web site refresh and video, DIAGRAM will be surveying internal team and external groups about perceptions around image accessibility
  • AAP meeting would be great timing for video and website refresh

4. Subcontract update (Anh)

  • math project still under discussion with MathJax and ChromeVox: open-source, cross-platform tool for converting MathML into prose and SVG for rendering; provides pathway for runtime MathJax extension that translates math into prose
  • Design Science has tool for daisy pipeline takes the mathml and puts in that svg image and text description already; how is this different? This is open source, cross platform, and can provide SVG back support for devices that don’t support MathML
  • how does this proposal relate to recommendations for producing mathml inside document? will best practices change based on this?
  • George: complaints i’ve heard that mathjax is so slow that publishers who are using it are saying it’s not responsive enough for reading systems
  • ACTION: Anh to make sure that proposal takes into account these questions

5. Next in-person Board meeting

  • Aiming some time during Year 4
  • likely to be in Washington DC

ACTION: Let Anh know any preferred dates (or dates to stay away from) for scheduling next in-person meeting.

6. Other Business

  • Post-Marrakech image repository?
  • possibility of more funding, additional funding after Year 5?
  • 3D
    • Laurie: company moving into 3d printing in santa barbara, one person involved is alt media person in cal poly
    • Jim Allan: texas school for blind has 3d printer they are working with
    • ACTION: Anh to connect Jim and Laurie with Ting for her 3D printer in schools project

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