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New DIAGRAM-funded research project

2013 July 31

We are very excited to announce a new research project that DIAGRAM is now funding as a subcontract for 2013-2014:

  • 3D Printing for Accessible Materials in Schools – Yue-Ting Siu, TVI and NLCSD Fellow  Do 3D printers in schools represent a practical solution for teachers to output low-cost, reproducible tactile graphics in a timely manner to students? This research focuses on delivering information about how tactile content may be handled in schools, the use of 3D printers to deliver such content, and identifying teachers’ needs with accessible instructions materials (AIM) and how they must be supported to adopt new strategies. The work plan includes preliminary research, a survey, and at least 3 case studies of 3D printer use in schools.

The DIAGRAM subcontracts allow us to take advantage of expertise across the community in order to further progress on our goals of advancing tools and technology for accessible digital images. This research project, along with the software development project described in the July 2013 Software Development Update, reflect a push toward cutting-edge solutions for different modalities. We look forward to updating the DIAGRAM community on the progress of both of these initiatives, and additional upcoming initiatives that are now in the works, during the coming year.

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