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New Partnership with Wolfram Research

2013 August 7

DIAGRAM subcontracts allow us to take advantage of expertise across the community in order to further progress on our goals of advancing tools and technology for accessible digital images. We are delighted to announce a brand-new project that DIAGRAM is now funding for 2013-2014.  The research project, “Accessible Dynamic Scientific Graphics” will be led by Kyle Keane of Wolfram Research. This project will survey the current best practices for making dynamic scientific graphics accessible to persons with severe visual impairments in order to better understand the most effective practices for providing pedagogically-equivalent information about common scientific visualizations using audio feedback and verbal description. The objective is to create a freely available report and a single working example which can be used by creators (publishers and authors) of dynamic scientific graphics to provide equivalent information to end users with severe visual impairments. The results presented will aim to be general in scope and applicable to any technology that can perform similar functions to the capabilities of the Wolfram CDF Player. We look forward to updating you on progress as it emerges!

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