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August 2013 Standards Update

2013 August 29
by Amaya Webster

Standards Working Group Update
The DIAGRAM Standards Working Group met on August 28, 2013. Central on the agenda was discussion of a set of standard recommendations that publishers can use when deciding what formats to use to make digital images accessible. The group appreciates the opportunity to contribute these standards to the AAP EPUB 3 Implementation Project which expects to ratify recommendations on September 10, 2013. Visit the Standards WG wiki for links to full meeting notes. Please contact co-chairs George Kerscher and Mark Hakkinen if you have ideas to add to the next meeting agenda.

Longdesc Update
Geoff Freed reports that the longdesc extension specification (HTML5 Image Description Extension) remains in last-call status.  The working group is still collecting comments, objections, etc., from the public.  Once the working group sorts out and responds to any objections, problems, etc., the extension will move to the next stage.


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