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September 2013 Standards Update

2013 September 26
by Amaya Webster

Developments in ARIA
Submitted by Geoff Freed

ARIA 1.1 has been advanced from editor’s draft to first public working draft (FPWD), and is now available.  ARIA 1.1 contains a number of additions and improvements, including aria-describedat, a new property that will (probably) eventually take the place of @longdesc as a way to deliver external long descriptions.  A major difference between aria-describedat and @longdesc is that the former can be applied to any element, whereas the latter is limited to the <img> element.  Long descriptions delivered via aria-describedat can be written in plain text or markup, or can contain any other elements appropriate to the situation, including other images or multimedia. Please visit DIAGRAM’s Standards for Adding Long Descriptions to Your Content for more information.

Standards Working Group Update
The next meeting of the DIAGRAM Standards Working Group is expected to take place in November 2013. Please contact co-chairs George Kerscher and Mark Hakkinen if you have ideas to add to the next meeting agenda. In the meantime, visit the Standards Working Group wiki page for notes from past meetings.

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