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AAP Accessibility Working Group Moves Forward with DIAGRAM’s Tips for Accessible EPUB 3

2013 September 30
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by jnoblitt

As we mentioned in last month’s newsletter, DIAGRAM has been heavily involved in the Association of American Publishers (AAP) EPUB 3 Implementation Project to establish EPUB 3 as the standard global distribution format for eBooks.  George Kerscher, Elaine Ober, Robin Seaman, and Suzy Haines were on hand for the September 10th meeting of about 70 people in New York City. A notable outcome of this process is that AAP’s Accessibility Working Group has moved forward with DIAGRAM’s Tips for Creating Accessible EPUB 3 Files as a standard for publishers. We expect the tips to evolve and welcome suggestions for improvements. In addition, the DIAGRAM Standards Working Group has posted its recommendations for publishers about what markup to use for image descriptions. See them at the Image Guidelines for EPUB 3 web page.

We are encouraged that accessibility has received such intense focus from all sectors as a result of the AAP’s initiative.  The DIAGRAM community is working hard to keep it front and center and we have strong alliances within the general publishing community who want to support accessibility.

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