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What We Are Reading

2014 February 27
by Amaya Webster

Here are a few articles that caught our attention in the last month:

  • Invisible Visualization (YouTube, 44 mins) – talk by Doug Schepers at OpenVis Conf 2013. Inspiring solutions for accessible data visualization. It’s high-level, but also drills down into technical details about SVG, CSS, ARIA, a bit of Canvas, and neurology. Note that Doug will be speaking at CSUN 2014 on Wednesday, March 19 at 3:10pm.
  • IBM standardizing on EPUB to reduce digital barriers and increase mobile support from IDPF blog February 13, 2014. Excerpt: “‘Accessibility and other EPUB features will redefine what we know as textbooks by expanding its utility to all students, including those with speech, hearing or vision challenges, to ensure they have the same opportunities to gain skills and training to compete in the 21st-century workforce,’ said Michael D. King, Vice President, Global Education Industry at IBM.”
  • Purdue graduate wants to make hands-on science accessible to blind, visually impaired from jconline February 9, 2014. Cary Supalo won the AFB’s Access Award for his work on developing products that make it easier to record and report scientific information. Achievement includes development of the “Logger Pro App, which offers audible or tactile representations of graphs and data tables.”
  • An Open Letter to Textbook Publishers from Inside Higher Ed February 25, 2014. Community college Dean Matt May offers a plea to textbook publishers to make their materials accessible. Excerpt: “Taking the extra step upfront to make your stuff accessible isn’t only virtuous, although it is; it’s also a way of maintaining market position in the face of an increasing array of alternatives.”

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