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DIAGRAM Advisory Board Notes – January 27, 2014

2014 February 26
by Amaya Webster


Jim Allan, Betsy Beaumon, Anh Bui, Gerardo Capiel, Jim Downs, Geoff Freed, Larry Goldberg, Bryan Gould, Mark Hakkinen, Glinda Hill, Kyle Keane, George Kerscher, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Brian MacDonald, Julie Noblitt, Elaine Ober, Helen Popper, Ike Presley, James Pritchett, Madeleine Rothberg, Lore Schindler, Jane Thompson,  Laurie Vasquez


Jim Fruchterman, Markus Gylling, Lucia Hasty, Jim Koopman, T.V. Raman, Mike Sharpe, Ge Vue

Agenda Notes:

1. DIAGRAM Accessible Image Sample Book (Elaine)

  1. content working group update

  2. Accessible Image Sample Book is 99.75% percent done – now with proofreader. Should be ready this week.

  3. Focuses on images from education materials, 3 images represent K-12, 3 from post-secondary, chapter on decorative images and difference between describing and identification

  4. Each chapter shows image, its page context, and different ways it could be made accessible, along with explanation of why tactile would be better or alternate modality. E.g. one image is a 3D model of a carbon atom.

  5. Also shows how image description is coded properly for DAISY and EPUB 3 file. –

  6. Concludes with section on evolving technology, links to resources, and source files.

  7. This is version 1.0 – would like to collect ideas for next iteration

  8. DIAGRAM Webinar on Feb 6th will introduce the sample book. As of this morning, just under 340 people were registered for webinar. Response to this shows this is filling a need.

2. Tools WG Update (Gerardo)

  1. resolution of how to deal with long descriptions in epub3, epub3.0.1 in coordination with aria working group defined aria-describedat, a property that can be used in HTML5 to replace what’s being done with longdesc to include other visual elements in HTML5, a lot of debate in WG that cemented position about right way to go; big accomplishment

  2. a lot of discussion and collaboration around MathML and math a11y, funded work now, a lot of diagram work was brought up at edupub1,

  3. topic of annotations to use that as a tool for post production image description, what we’ve been doing with Poet but leveraging new technology and new standards that have been defined, did work on annotations and a11y on OEPUB sprint

  4. some discussions carried over to W3C, effort has been kicked off around adding aria roles to enable svg sonification, looking at using open web technologies to make that easier and more interactive

  5. widgets was something we discussed at Asilomar, and discussion of library of accessible widgets has carried over to edupub1 and is now a priority

  6. epub3 support in poet, in beta

  7. work related to a11y metadata project; accepted a11y properties, even some tools we’ve been able to influece, a tool called EasyPublish (advance defense learning network, involved with learning registry)

  8. Readium: also a lot of progress happened, there was hackathon and attended board meeting

  9. version in Bookshare is from before there was a Readium.js, so there’s been a lot of refactoring that’s happened since

3. Standards WG Update (George)

  1. epub 3.0.1 moving along to adoption, we don’t see it changing

  2. edupub meeting in Boston in November, second is coming up in Salt Lake City

  3. grew out of Pearson profile for education for epub; talking about adding semantics to base epub that is good for education

  4. recently O’Reilly submitted their vocabulary into the edupub effort and it’s not Pearson turning over this as a fait accompli, but a starting point for discussion on edupub profile

  5. hoping to come up with set of semantics that publishing industry would adopt and use and reading systems would support

  6. also saw widget library effort involved

  7. education generally that would be asked to use it, within DAISY would have “transition to accessible epub working group” lots of people signing up for that

  8. on 1/29, NIMAS board will be meeting and looking at a profile of epub that could be recommended as NIMAS standard or alternative to dtbook dtd

  9. in Scandanavia, there’s Nordic procurement project and they are looking at the same kind of thing

  10. also about braille, what is needed in terms of semantics that is not going to be in mainstream edupub; we’d like to see most of edupub be braille friendly out of the box but some things are needed that are not needed by anybody else

  11. edupub working group meets every thursday

  12. example: things for education might be around chapter summaries, chapter reviews, quizzes, structures that are in textbooks — great big long laundry list

  13. W3C has digital book working group

  14. open annotation working group is moving forward, weekly conference calls; a11y looks pretty good, a lot of complexity in how identify annotations and insert them into a book

  15. forthcoming symposium that will focus on smart images in the r&d field, targeted for spring and looking diagram group participation

  16. George making announcement today on another working group; IDPF has test suite of epub3 content in all different types, BISG has taken on job of evaluating various reading systems for conformance and presentation; agreement that DAISY will be working on reading systems testing for a11y (a different set of tests); more of a core working group figuring out right way to present and put it up on website and want to crowdsource the testing

  17. Question: is any of this related to Smarter Balance consortium and assessments and/or related to teach act? Answer: inside epub there will be interactive quizzes; our goal is to make these fully accessible.Promoting notion that these assessments you find in books are adopted in industry and used by other types of testing, but there are probably other requirements in high-stakes testing that we don’t have. We are taking a closer look at epub than we ever have before, joined W3C digital publishing group, we are going to edupub, we are strongly believe in interoperable user experience with assistive technologies and UI, a lot of work to do there but ETS has committed to participating in edupub open widget library. We will have first commitment is a11y number line item. Major issues still with assessment consortia ; they are trying to play catch up ; the Teach Act is focused on higher ed and there has not been any discussion yet of specific standards, but access board will be charged with that

4. Outreach WG Update (Julie)

  1. more than 300 registrants for EASI webinar Julie did in December

  2. Feb. 6 = Elaine Ober, Lucia Hasty, Steve Noblit will do webinar on accessible image sample book webinar (~340 registrants so far)

  3. April 30 – Ting Siu will present research on 3D printing in accessible education

  4. DIAGRAM web site refresh likely migrating this week; additional a11y features, refocused home page and things easier to find

  5. Gaier Dietrich joined Outreach WG, Keith Creasy from APH has joined Standards and Tools WGs

  6. DIAGRAM video was tabled in 2013 in favor of web site refresh and other outreach tools.

5. Dynamic Scientific Graphics project update (Kyle)

  1. dynamic scientific graphics = widgets

  2. producing a taxonomy of user interactions so that these things can be uniquely identified and characterized

  3. status is first outline of taxonomy of interactions and close to one for visual interactions

6. 3D Printer Survey results (Anh)

  1. – tabled due to time constraints. Written report will follow.

7. DIAGRAM Gatherings (Anh)

  1. OSEP meeting last week. We outlined for them that this work must continue; we made huge strides as a group; they are extremely pleased about level of participation across so many groups around the field;

  2. CSUN – “Office Hours” event Thurs March 20th 5:30- 7pm. No agenda, just gather for light refreshment and informal discussion.

  3. June 24-25 meeting; D.C. area – venue still be settled – will let everyone know once contract has been signed.

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