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DIAGRAM Strategic Planning Meeting at the Airlie Center

2014 July 31
by Amaya Webster

DIAGRAM Community Group PhotoBelow are links to the Word documents related to the DIAGRAM Community’s strategic planning meetings held June 23-25, 2014 at the Airlie Center near Washington, D.C.. Attendees included members of the DIAGRAM Advisory Board and Working Groups, as well as many special guests. We hope these documents will be helpful to you as we work on our remaining goals for 2014-2015.

Summary of Outcomes

  1. DIAGRAM Goals & Objectives for 2015 – The distilled summary of goals identified by Airlie meeting participants as being important for 2015 and beyond.
  2.  IwillWeShouldDontForget – At the conclusion of the Airlie meeting on June 25, 2014, participants recorded the things that they will do, the things that we should do, and the things we should not forget as we left the gathering. This is the record of what those things were.
  3. DIAGRAM Goals Debrief from Airlie: Slides
  4. DIAGRAM Debrief on Airlie Outcomes: Webinar Transcript

Meeting Background Documents

  1. DIAGRAM Goals Progress – A summary of progress we have made on our original goals, as of June 2014.
  2. DIAGRAM R&D Highlights – A one-page high-level summary of DIAGRAM Center R & D for those who may not yet be familiar with what we do.
  3. DIAGRAM Airlie Meeting Participant List
  4. Airlie Meeting Agenda
  5. Speed Geeking Participants

Raw Notes and Pictures from Meeting

Following each of the breakout sessions, we transcribed the hand-written raw notes that were generated from each discussion. While these are not intended to be “documents of record,” we provide them here for those participants who would like to refer back to them.

  • Raw Notes – Accomplishments – Groups identified DIAGRAM’s most important accomplishments to date.
  • Raw notes – Spectrum Exercise – Participants were invited to think of the most polarizing, controversial statement they could about our field and then physically line up on a spectrum from “completely agree” to “completely disagree.”
  • Raw notes – Breakout 1 – Topics include: 3D printing, STEM, Sample Content, and Branding.
  • Raw notes – Breakout 2 – Topics include: Outreach, Image Repository/Registry, Tools, and Metrics
  • Raw Notes – Final Breakouts – Topics include: Press Release, Future Brainstorming, Sample Book on Steroids, Estate Planning, Natural Extensions, Going Big!

Finally, we have created a Dropbox folder with photographs from our time together, including shots from our breakouts, speed geeking, and the Tuesday evening reception at the lodge.

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