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August 2014 Standards Update

2014 August 18
by Amaya Webster

Standards Working Group: New Temporary Meeting Schedule for 2014

Submitted by George Kerscher

Following the strategic planning meetings at Airlie in June, the DIAGRAM Standards Working Group has accelerated its meeting schedule from quarterly to bi-weekly in order to quickly resolve issues related to the DIAGRAM Content Model. Because of the large membership and interest overlap between the DIAGRAM Standards Working Group and the DAISY Transition to Inclusive EPUB 3 Ecosystem (TIES) project, the two groups have converged for the purpose of discussing the Content Model outstanding issues. The weekly meeting agendas will focus alternately on TIES and DIAGRAM topics until the Content Model discussion has concluded, most likely through November or December 2014. The DIAGRAM Standards WG will then resume its previous schedule.

The last meetings were held on July 15, August 12, and August 19, 2014. Meetings are generally held on Tuesdays at 8:00am Pacific, 11:00am Eastern, 3:00pm GMT. Please contact George Kerscher at <kerscher [at] montana [dot] com> if you would like more information. Meeting notes continue to be posted on the DIAGRAM Standards WG wiki.

EPUBTest Now Includes Accessibility Characteristics of E-book Systems

Submitted by Geoff Freed

EPUBTest ( now includes the accessibility characteristics of e-book reading systems, thanks to work done by George Kerscher, Marisa DeMeglio and others.   If you want to participate by contributing evaluations, please send a note to Marisa at marisa [dot] demeglio [at] gmail [dot] com.

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