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August 2014 Software Development Update

2014 August 26
by Amaya Webster

New DIAGRAM Subcontract with the AMS

Submitted by Sue-Ann Ma

We have an exciting update to our January 2014 blog post on Microsoft’s decision to fund Benetech’s MathML Cloud project. Last month, we signed a new subcontract with the American Mathematical Society (AMS), marking a big step for work that aims to broaden the reach of math accessibility across various reading platforms. The AMS work will extend the availability of existing visual and aural rendering capabilities using MathJax’s display engine and Chromevox’s speech rules. By eliminating Document Object Model (DOM) restrictions that require the presence of specific polyfill, JavaScript, and content support, content creators will soon be able to auto-generate math images, descriptions, and mathematical source codes directly on a server. These MathML Cloud components can then be inserted into the original source file, making mathematical expressions accessible in a scalable, platform-independent way. For more information about the MathML Cloud project, and to sign up for updates, visit

Tools Working Group Update

After a brief summer break following the DIAGRAM strategic planning meetings in June, the Tools Working Group will resume regular meetings next month. Working Group members, please watch your in-box for a note on scheduling for that meeting. We will be working on our refreshed goals from the Airlie strategic planning meetings and hope to have some interesting guest speakers this fall as well. Stay tuned! In the meantime, contact Tools Working Group chair Geoff Freed <geoff [underscore] freed [at] wgbh [dot] org> if you have any questions. And, as always, you can access past meeting notes on the Tools Working Group wiki.

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