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August 2014 Training & Outreach Update

2014 August 26
by Amaya Webster

New Models for Creating Accessible Interactive Widgets for STEM Learning

On August 7, 2014, Kyle Keane of Wolfram Research and Madeleine Rothberg of NCAM teamed up to present new DIAGRAM research into current best practices for making dynamic scientific graphics accessible to persons with print disabilities. A walk-through of a working example and its source code was included as well as demos of examples of interactive widgets forthcoming from Pearson. More than 60 publishers, UX designers, accessibility researchers, and developers tuned in, and reactions were enthusiastic to say the least. Here is a sampling of comments that came in via the chat window during the webinar:

“This is fantastic…”

“Thank you for such amazing work! This is fantastic! REALLY great stuff!”

“I am stunned with amazement over this accessible drag-and-drop…”

“I am alerting all my Facebook and Twitter friends to your code…”

“Thanks everyone for making this happen!”


Visit the DIAGRAM Center webinars web page to download the PowerPoints and view the closed-captioned recording of the webinar. You can also download a copy of Kyle Keane’s full report and experiment with his working example by visiting the Research page on the DIAGRAM web site.

Outreach Working Group Update

After a break following the DIAGRAM strategic planning meetings in June, the DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group will resume regular meetings next month. Working Group members, please watch your in-box for a note on scheduling for that meeting. Following on outcomes from the Airlie strategic planning meetings, we will be focusing on synthesizing the DIAGRAM tool suite with narrative of our story to show clearly how students can benefit from our work and discussing what we can use to determine metrics for success of DIAGRAM initiatives. If you would like to join this Working Group, please contact Julie Noblitt at <julien [at] benetech [dot] org>. As always, you can access past meeting notes on the Outreach Working Group wiki.

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