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DAISY Pipeline 2 Version 1.8 Brings Enhanced File Conversion Options

2014 August 26
by Amaya Webster

Submitted by Varju Luceno

The DAISY Pipeline 2 is a cross-platform, open source tool for converting documents into accessible formats for people with print disabilities. The latest release, Version 1.8 includes a variety of bug fixes and improvements, including the new Text-to-Speech (TTS) based DTBook to DAISY 3 converter, better handling of image descriptions, rewritten HTML5 converter as well as the production of EPUB 3.0.1-compliant publications.  For details, please see the release notes on Github. (Pipeline 2 releases are hosted on GitHub servers since version 1.7.)

The HTML to EPUB 3 converter intends to implement the DIAGRAM Center’s “Image Guidelines for EPUB 3” by converting any local DIAGRAM descriptions to off-page HTML descriptions embedded as visually-hidden iframe elements and linked to images by aria-describedby attributes.

The first preview of the newly developed Text-to-Speech based audio production modules and Natural Language Processing-based structure detection modules is included in this release, available in a new DTBook to DAISY 3 converter. Text-to-Speech based production will be further tested and improved over the coming months to support the production of EPUB 3 with TTS-based Media Overlays from DTBook or HTML. TTS adapters are available for a variety of platforms and TTS engines including Acapela TTS (v7), eSpeak, SAPI 5 voices on Windows, and Mac OS X voices. Developers are working on a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) that will be available in the end of 2014.

Pipeline 2 Version 1.8 requires the installation of Java SE 7. Also, please note that the SAPI 5 adapter currently requires the installation of Visual C++ Redistributable Package’s runtime components, available for free on Microsoft’s web site.


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