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DIAGRAM Advisory Board Meeting – January 14, 2015

2015 January 16


Jim Allan, Betsy Beaumon, Anh Bui, Jim Downs, Geoff Freed, Bryan Gould, Lucia Hasty, Sue-Ann Ma, Brian McDonald, Julie Noblitt, Elaine Ober, Melissa Parkin, Helen Popper, Madeleine Rothberg, Laurie Vasquez, Ge Vue, Lisa Wadors


Jim Fruchterman, Markus Gylling, Mark Hakkinen, Glinda Hill, George Kerscher, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Jim Koopman, Ike Presley, James Pritchett, T.V. Raman, Lore Schindler, Mike Sharpe, Jane Thompson


1.    DIAGRAM Center award (Anh & Betsy)

  1. Officially extended through April 30, 2016. No-cost extension – no additional funding, but gives us more opportunity to put everything in apple pie order for transition to whatever comes next.
  2. We are not slowing down in terms of execution on deliverables
  3. Question: Will DIAGRAM shut down after April 2016? No! The current federal funding will run out, but we will continue applying for more funding. Extension gives us a bridge to the next funding cycle. We are looking at all options in addition to new federal grant, including separate grants for related work in math, chemistry, tactiles, etc.
  4. Benetech is committed to moving forward and keeping momentum with current partnerships. Gives us an opportunity to do some LEAN thinking that could benefit us all.

2.    Content WG (Elaine and Sue-Ann)

  1. Accessible Image Sample Book: Revised edition to add modalities – one image has several modalities. Haptics, 3D/talking pen, QR codes, interactive widgets. Integrating new NCAM description guidelines. Looking to add chemistry and music – Steve Noble looking at those. Schedule: Beta at CSUN, final ready in April 2015. Seeking input from everyone – more ideas the better!
  2. Accessible Image Repository: Design work has begun. Developing clear picture of target audience of content producers and consumers, including TVIs and DSS offices. Now trying to understand what is already out there and lessons learned from past repositories. Aiming for a design ready to prototype by end of April 2015.
  3. See notes from past meetings on Content WG wiki.

3.    Standards WG (Madeleine and Anh)

  1. TIES & DIAGRAM working together on EPUB 3.1. Creating requirements document now. Working on:
  • Media overlays to support sign language video synchronization
  • Better support of audio in epubs – more codex.
  • Better metadata to distinguish different kinds of media overlays
  • Improved navigation
  • Request for longdesc support in epub in sync with ARIA describedat
  • Improved Braille output
  1. Renamed the Content Model – now “Diagrammar: A Framework for Making Images and Graphics Accessible”
  2. Readium update: George in NYC now with Robin and Charles talking with Readium folks about support for Diagrammar in Readium, which constitutes core code for EPUB 3 reading tools. Readium intended to be a mainstream reader – just released 1.0 version. They take a11y seriously. Adobe, IBM very interested in this. DIAGRAM is offering programming assistance to bring Diagrammar to life in this potentially widespread tool. We are optimistic – conversation has just begun.
  3. See notes from all TIES-DIAGRAM Standards WG meetings on the Standards WG wiki.

4.    Tools WG (Geoff)

  1. In October guest speakers from IBM discussed RAVE, a tool for creating accessible charts & graphs. Hear the presentation by following this link to the recorded session.
  2. In December guest speaker Volker Sorge at Univ of Birmingham talked about accessible chemistry and demoed ChemAccess. See links to further information and a recording of the session by visiting the December 2014 meeting notes on the Tools WG wiki.
  3. Guest speakers have been great way to learn about new and emerging tools – expect to do more of that in 2015.
  4. See notes from all Tools WG meetings on the Tools WG wiki.

5.    Outreach WG (Julie)

  1. Looking at how to determine metrics for success for the DIAGRAM Center. Special guest speakers Maureen Hawes and Mike Sharpe, DIAGRAM program evaluators, joined last meeting. Hard to draw a straight line from R & D to kids in the classroom. How to measure success? Storytelling! Looking for 2 or 3 stories that answer the question: what difference did OSEP’s investment make in the world? What would the world be like if DIAGRAM had not been established 5 years ago? How have standards, tools, practices been affected by what we do? Looking for experts who can speak to these questions.
  2. Helped with Content Model renaming process – Gaeir Dietrich served as liaison from Outreach WG to Standards WG. Robin Seaman and Bryan Gould also provided creative input.
  3. See notes from all Outreach WG meetings on the Outreach WG wiki.

6.    IMLS update (Brian McDonald)

  1. First advisory board meeting took place this week. Really good, really diverse team.
  2. Lisa Wadors did great job of rollout. Whole group is very excited.
  3. Discussion: Challenges of making connections. How do we measure success? Keeping focus on STEM applications. Talked about having a quick-start guide for 3D printing. Want to make it easy for people to know what to do.
  4. Two-day forum will take place in June on West coast.
  5. Anh: Might add a day to the meeting to do some technical/design work. Shout out to Lucia for great write-up on when and when not to use tactiles for music (discussion with Content WG). Everyone on IMLS Advisory Committee agreed that caution is needed on overuse of technology.
  6. Betsy: Good to see that foundational work done by DIAGRAM is highly relevant in this conversation – thank you!

7.    CSUN (Julie)

DIAGRAM projects will be the subject of several sessions at CSUN 2015. See links in DIAGRAM Out and About blog post:

    • 3D Printing Panel: Anh Bui, Mike Cheverie, Ting Siu, Lore Schindler, Lucia Hasty
    • Math Panel: Sue-Ann Ma, Glen Gordon, Sanders Kleinfeld, Neil Soiffer
    • Born Accessible: Robin Seaman, Betsy Beaumon, George Kerscher, Elaine Ober, Kimi Sugeno
    • Poet Training Module and related research: Bryan Gould, Sue-Ann Ma, Steve Landau
    • Save the date for DIAGRAM “Office Hours” on Thursday March 5th (5:30 – 7pm). This year will do a mini Maker Space with 3D printing and haptics demos. If anyone has something they want to demo please let Anh & Julie know.

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