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March 2015 Standards Update

2015 March 24
by Amaya Webster

Standards Working Group Update

Submitted by George Kerscher

The DIAGRAM Standards Working Group continues to meet jointly with the TIES (Transition to Inclusive EPUB 3 eco System) Working Group on a biweekly basis, every other Tuesday, preparing for the upcoming EPUB 3.1 revision, scheduled to be completed in 2015. The next joint DIAGRAM and TIES working group meeting is March 31, 2015 at 15:00 UTC.

From the accessibility perspective, we have been working on requirements for the next revision of EPUB, which is scheduled for completion in 2015.

I attended the Google Accessibility Summit and presented the work on EPUB including media overlays. I also met with many experts present from the deaf community and expressed an open door policy to the deaf community for the development of synchronized sign language video with text, especially for the teaching of reading text, which is a second language in the deaf community.

Readium held meetings in January at the New York Public Library. There was a huge turnout; the New York Brooklyn library has joined Readium as well. Very interesting developments on the library side.

I want to make sure this community knows that there is an accessibility sub-working group associated with the W3C DPub developments. In addition, BISG has started an accessibility working group. One of the challenges will be to coordinate the accessibility efforts around digital publishing; I am very optimistic in this regard.

Finally, the USA Access Board has released information about the long-awaited Refresh of 508 and 255:

The snip below represents the spirit of many sections that refer to published information:

“guidelines also would require documentation in electronic formats—including Web-based self-service support and electronic documents—to conform to all Level A and AA Success Criteria in WCAG 2.0 or ISO 14289-1 (PDF/UA-1).”

Please contact George Kerscher at <kerscher [at] montana [dot] com> if you would like more information about the Standards Working Group. All meeting notes continue to be posted on the DIAGRAM Standards WG wiki.

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