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March 2015 Software Development Update

2015 March 23
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by Amaya Webster

Tools Working Group Update: Accessible Chemistry and Math

The last DIAGRAM Tools Working Group met on December 17, 2014 for a special presentation by Volker Sorge of the University of Birmingham and the Scientific Document Analysis Group, who demonstrated his work on accessible chemistry. Refer to the meeting notes for a link to the recording of the session as well as contact information for Volker. For all of us who were unable to attend Neil Soiffer’s talk at CSUN on latest developments in accessible math,  Neil was kind enough to join our March 30, 2015 meeting and repeat his remarks and demos. The recording and the slides are available on the Tools Working Group wiki page. Contact the Tools Working Group Chair Geoff Freed at <Geoff [underscore] Freed [at] wgbh [dot] org> if you would like more information.

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