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Accessible Assessments: New Item Writer Guidelines from NCAM

2015 March 23
by Amaya Webster

Submitted by Bryan Gould

NCAM has announced the publication of new Item Writer Guidelines for Greater Accessibility, a comprehensive and unique resource that can be used to train item writers on accessibility basics with examples and instructions.

Focusing on item construction and the use of images, these guidelines will help reduce the need for additional work to make items accessible for students who use assistive technology. By addressing the decisions that test item writers face while they are actually creating the test, the NCAM Item Writer Guidelines explain how to create items that minimize the need for text alternatives. The Guidelines also provide examples of small changes that will help ensure clarity for students using assistive technology and, potentially, produce better items for all students. Considering accessibility at the earliest stage in the test creation process and the results will be a more thoughtful test, ready for effective text alternatives, that will lead to a truly accessible testing experience for all students. Please forward these to anyone who could benefit from them!

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