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March 2015 Content Working Group Update: AISB 2nd Edition

2015 March 23
by Amaya Webster

The DIAGRAM Content Working Group has been hard at work on the next revised edition of the Accessible Image Sample Book. The revised edition will include several new samples (such as music and cartoons) and new modalities (such as haptics). We are delighted that Joshua Tallent, Chief eBook Architect at Firebrand Technologies, has joined our Working Group and is working on the revised edition. You can find the latest version on GitHub here:  Notes from all meetings are available on the Content WG wiki. If you have any questions about this Working Group please contact co-chairs Elaine Ober <Elaine [dot] ober [at] pearson [dot] com> and Lucia Hasty [lucia [at] tactilegraphics [dot] org>.

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