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2015 September 30
by Amaya Webster
  • The Trouble With Screenshots Those pictures of text are a convenient workaround for social media’s character limit — but they’re a big problem for the blind. Here’s why everyone should care.
  • Feel The Burn: We Made a Tactile Map of Black Rock City for Blind Burning Man Attendees  Burning Man has gone from an isolated San Francisco gathering to a world-famous festival, but still stands by its “10 Principles,” the first of which is “Radical Inclusion.” However, Burning Man may seem daunting for blind and low vision individuals. LightHouse built a tool to help.
  • Alert: DOJ Puts Pressure on Schools and Ed Techs to Provide Accessible Educational Technology A recent DOJ enforcement effort in the education space serves as an important reminder to schools and colleges that they must carefully consider their obligations under the ADA when adopting new learning technologies.
  • (Bene)tech as a leveler How can we have robust conversations about addressing the unique challenges facing people with disabilities if we’re afraid to broach the subject of disability in the first place? We have to bridge the gap between our best of intentions and our actions in the world.
  • A Guide To Building SVG Maps From Natural Earth Data This article will explain how to create your own SVG maps using Natural Earth data and open source tools.
  • Let The Blind See On this site you will find the description of objects which either cannot be touched or just by touch cannot be appreciated.
  • MathML Language Certified an International Standard MathML 3.0, the markup language used to render mathematical expressions online and in other digital content, gets the imprimatur of two international standards organizations.
  • Introducing 3DA11y.Info a blog dedicated to contributing to a community effort to share information about the emerging opportunities in the domain of 3D accessibility.

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