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Update On DIAGRAM 3D Printing Standards Working Group

2016 March 11

A photograph of a thermoformed 3D model of the state of TexasThe 3D Printing Standards Working Group continues to regularly meet to work hard on defining which areas of 3D printing for education are problematic, the characteristics of a good 3D printed object, what has been done in the field and what needs to be done. They have experimented with different ways 3D objects can be created, such as the Thermoformed  3D model of the state of Texas created by one of the working group members and is pictured right. The creator was very pleased with the results stating:

“I think this is an exciting development in our project. The clarity of the thermoform copies surprised me!”

For those interested, the thermoformed copy was created by placing a piece of braille paper under the 3D model and the braillon on top. The heat setting on the thermoform machine was set at 5.5  and the timer for the vacuum was set at 4.

The group is also currently working on a set of guidelines for 3D tactile graphics. They also hope to consolidate all the information they are gathering, document and advise on how and where to test if an object is good, and develop industry standards for the creation of 3D objects conducive to accessible education.

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