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DIAGRAM: Out And About

2016 March 11
by Amaya Webster


Orlando, Florida – February 3 – 6, 2016

  • On Thursday, February 4, Lisa Wadors, Carol Stanger, James Leahy, Joseph Lane, Kathleen Hanek, Lisa Dieker and Lori Geist hosted an interactive session called Researcher-Industry Collaboration: Establishing and Maintaining Value-Added Partnerships. The session explored case examples of successful researcher-industry collaborations in all aspects of generating new or improved assistive technology (AT) products, including scientific research, engineering development, and industrial production. For more information visit
  • On Friday, February 5, Lisa Wadors presented on 3D printing for accessible educations in a session entitled Enhancing Educational Opportunities for Tactile Learners Through 3D Printing. Participants learned about the work DIAGRAM has been doing in this area, the findings from the 2015 3D Printing for Education Technology Forum and how teachers have incorporated this technology into their accessible classrooms for STEM education. For more information visit

DIAGRAM at IDPF EPUB Accessibility Meetings

Baltimore, Maryland – February 23-24, 2016

  • George Kerscher, DIAGRAM community member and Secretary-General of the DAISY Consortium gave the kickoff speech to open the meetings which had a general theme around EPUB Accessibility as a Baseline by giving the keynote address.
  • Charles LaPierre, Technical Lead for DIAGRAM and Born Accessible, presented a technical Note on behalf of the Digital Publishing Interest Group’s (DPUB) Accessibility Task Force. The Note, currently in draft status, addresses what is missing from WCAG in terms of Digital Publishing and can be found at .

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