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Community Spotlight: Geoff Freed

2016 March 11
by anhb

A Tenure to Remember


A head shot of Geoff Freed wearing smiling while wearing funny fake teeth with several missing.

Geoff Freed taking himself too seriously

Geoff Freed has been a champion of multimedia, broadcast and web accessibility for more than 25 years and the DIAGRAM Center has been tremendously lucky to be able to collaborate with him. In 2012 Geoff graciously agreed to co–chair the newly formed DIAGRAM Tools Working Group, eventually becoming the sole chair of the group in 2014.

He has been a pillar in the DIAGRAM community and his leadership, guidance, and willingness to share his considerable knowledge and expertise has not only helped further the goals of DIAGRAM, but has furthered the field of accessible digital content as a whole.

Notably, with the deep knowledge and great humor he has shown in everything from the DIAGRAM product matrices to key webinars, Geoff has helped make the complex world of standards and assistive technology easier to understand and a whole lot more fun.

Thank you Geoff for all the work you have done as chair of the Tools Working Group and all that you have helped us accomplish!

Be like Geoff. If you are interested in joining the Tools WG, let us know!

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