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Standards Working Group Update

2016 April 28
by Charles LaPierre

W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group (DPUB) has been working on a new Portable Web Publications for the Open Web Platform (  In addition DPUB has created a WAI ARIA module for Digital Publishing ( The W3C Accessibility Task Force for the DPUB is in the process of publishing to the W3C our Accessibility Note entitled “Digital Publishing and Accessibility in W3C Documents” (

The EPUB Working Group’s Accessibility Task Force has been working on the new ePub 3.1 specification and has created an editor’s draft of “EPUB Accessibility” ( which has been published for general review.  The goal of this document is to be pointed to from the 3.1 ePub specification as a guide to make accessible ePub documents.  It is our hope that the EDUPUB profile would require conformance to this specification.

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