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The 2016 Accessibility Executive Breakfast and Informing the Development of a DAISY Certification

2016 June 30
by Charles LaPierre and Amaya Webster

DIAGRAM Co-P.I. George Kerscher and Benetech’s Director of Content Acquisition Robin Seaman attended the Accessibility Executive Breakfast in New York. They spoke to a large collection of publishing industry notables about taking concrete steps toward born accessible publishing. Robin gave an overview of how far the publishing industry has come in regards to accessible content, while George provided a high level view of the practical IDPF accessibility work, insight into what conformance means, the metadata that will inform the public on the accessibility features, how the public can discover what accessible publications are available, and finally the software development initiative to help in the process.

One of the big topics covered at the meeting concerned the ongoing work on accessibility certification. The need of which is intensifying due to the increasing demand for accessible content from education spaces. DAISY received a Google impact challenge award to come up with an accessibility EPUB certification program,, and in alignment with one of DIAGRAM’s goals of making “born accessible” a reality, Benetech will be helping with assessment and definition. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to give feedback as this exciting endeavor unfolds!

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