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The Google Impact Challenge and Accessible Certification

2016 June 30

The Google Impact Challenge grant to the DAISY Consortium is enabling significant developments leading to “born accessible” publications in our inclusive publishing society. The first deliverable is a high level set of principles (based on WAI’s excellent work) that can be applied to all versions of the EPUB Standard. The editor’s draft is available at:

Other deliverables include:

  • Techniques that apply to digital publishing that are not covered in WAI techniques detailed in the DPUB note.
  • EPUB Accessibility Checker, software that can be used to evaluate EPUB publications for their conformance to guidelines. Here too, we will build on tools already developed for checking the accessibility of web pages. Manual evaluation will still be necessary, but this will be extraordinarily helpful in the process.
  • Finally, the Google Impact Challenge Grant will help to build and keep updated, where the industry can go for links to authoritative information.

We hope the above items will help the Diagram community understand developments in a rather complex digital publishing environment.

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