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The “Introducing DIAGRAM Center +” Webinar is Now Available Online

2016 June 30
by Amaya Webster

On March, 23rd, 2016, Anh Bui, Vice President of Benetech Labs, delivered a session at the 2016 CSUN conference to a room so packed it was deemed a fire hazard. The session was titled “Accessible Images and Beyond: DIAGRAM Center +” and gave participants an overview of what to expect from DIAGRAM under the new award. Participants learned how DIAGRAM’s scope and mission was expanded, all about the new five-year initiative for Born Accessible content, upcoming projects, and what DIAGRAM hopes to accomplish in this next phase.

Due to the popularity of the session, Anh Bui gave an encore of her CSUN presentation as part of the DIAGRAM webinar series which, not surprisingly was also quite a hit.

 “Wow!” Said one registrant “I’ve been following Benetech for a long time (used to be at an AT Center in Berkeley) and the work that is being done and is projected is so exciting. Our system has an accessibility initiative and all of your work will help those of us working on promoting accessibility tremendously.”

If you missed the original presentation at CSUN and weren’t one of the 138 webinar registrants, have no fear. The webinar was recorded and has now been posted to the webinar page of our website.  Both a closed caption YouTube video is available, as well as the PowerPoint slides from the original presentation.

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