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DIAGRAM Out and About

2016 June 30
  • DIAGRAM at IDPF DigiCon @ BEA – May 10, 2016 – Chicago, IL
    • George Kerscher, Robin Seaman and Bill Kasdorf a trifecta powerhouse enlightened the attendees on “Accessibility is for Everybody—And It’s Never Been More Achievable”.  George laid out the baseline of accessible digital publishing and discussed the Google Stepping up Challenge award which will result in the formation of a accessibility certification and compliance program.  George also shared the website orgas a place to go for your accessibility publishing needs.  Robin eloquently discussed the various tools that is coming out of the DIAGRAM Center to help with accessibility for Digital publishing and Bill discussed the Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing.
  • DIAGRAM at the 2016 Accessibility Executive Breakfast – June 9, 2016  – New York, NY
    • Robin Seaman presented the session “Accessibility: Solvable Problem (In A Publishing World Of Unsolvable Problems)” which provided session participants with overview of where the industry is today — how far it has come and what it will need to address challenges of the future.
    • George Kerscher presented EPUB 3 Accessibility Conformance And Discovery– The Lay Of The Land, IDPF, Google Challenge, And Certification as session which gave an overview of accessible digital publishing as well as information about the stepping up challenge award and resulting work towards creating an accessibility certification and compliance program.

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