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DIAGRAM Developers Working Group Update

2016 June 30

The DIAGRAM Developers working group kicked off on June 24th with their very first meeting. The group, which is being Co-chaired by DIAGRAM community members Neil Soiffer and Sina Bahram, discussed the areas of interest they wished to pursue and formalized their charter which can be found at

Writing MathML is currently a problem and needs an accessible open source solution. The group felt this to be an area that should be explored further. Sina proposed looking into reusable design patterns for accessibility widgets and the group agreed that it could be the first accessible widget for writing math.  They felt that the web would make the most sense for rapid prototyping as opposed to specific plugins or applications.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in joining the Developers working group, please let us know. The group is interested in people with experience teaching software development / accessibility or those who have computer engineering students / developers that may want to contribute. But don’t worry if you’re not a teacher, anyone with developer skills is not only welcome, but encouraged to join. For more information please contact Charles LaPierre, the Technical Lead for DIAGRAM at Charlesl[at]benetech[dot]org.

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