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Speech Rule Engine Expansion work

2016 September 22
by Amaya Webster

In March 2016, the DIAGRAM Center hosted a one-day code sprint in efforts to work on the next generation of tools and services to support accessible digital mathematics. The event involved over 20 leading developers with technical and accessibility expertise and resulted in riveting discussions, brainstorms, as well as a few teams that was able to produce some preliminary prototypes. Building on the collaboration from the event, the DIAGRAM Center is starting new work with Volker Sorge of the MathJax Consortium, University of Birmingham, and creator of the Speech Rule Engine, to work towards broadening the reach of the technology to additional tools and mediums such as: screen readers, audio files, and braille.

The proposed project involves enhancing the existing Speech Rule Engine, which is an open source math rendering engine currently used by major technology tools including: MathJax (and our  MathML Cloud tool built on top of it), ChromeVox, and other assistive technology including STEM Reader and TextHelp. Coupled with other resources and partners, this Speech Rule Engine work paves the way for more advanced auto-transcription for specific subject matters, user demographics, math disciplines, languages, and additional mediums (e.g. audio and braille). We are really excited about this upcoming work and look forward to kicking things off this fall. Stay tuned for more information on how we plan to work with members of the DIAGRAM Center community to develop and test this work and of course, to learn when you can check it out for yourself!

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