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Accessible Image Repository-Registry

2016 September 22

This quarter, we kicked off development for the highly anticipated Accessible Image Repository-Registry. Working with Sina Bahram of Prime Access Consulting, our initial prototype aims to address some needs and answer some uncertainties when it comes to providing accessible alternatives for visual content. Our primary goal for this phase of development is to throw together a quick prototype where various DIAGRAM members can share, host, tag, and search accessible image alternatives (i.e. text-based descriptions, 2D embossed files, 3D models). We also plan to couple this iterative development work with limited user feedback tests with various DSS (Disability Student Services) offices, TVIs (teachers of the visually impaired), and Parents/Friends of End-Users to refine our requirements and goals for this tool. Look out for upcoming requests for alpha testers on this collection of shared resources.

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