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Working Group Updates – General Overview

2016 September 22

The DIAGRAM working groups are a large part of who the DIAGRAM Center is and why we’ve been so successful. They lend their expertise and experience to a wide breadth of issues and areas, and sometimes, as diverse as those areas are, they somehow manage to overlap. So in addition to the individual working group updates, we wanted to take a second to not only call attention to the amazing force of impact that are the working groups, but highlight where their efforts overlap.

The Standards, 3D Tactiles Standards and Content Working groups have all been working on representations of braille. The Standards Working Group has been working on representing braille metadata, the Tactile Standards Working Group on standards for including braille on 3d objects and the Content Working Group on Top Tips for publishing content that is braille conversion friendly.

This braille work is in addition to the work that the Standards group continues to make headway on with the EPUB 3.1 standard and with Diagrammar as a container for image alternatives. The Tactiles group is also working on documenting lessons learned on printing and using 3d shapes.

The Content and Developers working groups are both working on digital interactives and are tasked with thinking through these areas for students with print disabilities and students with disabilities that aren’t print disabilities. The Content Working Group has been busy updating the Accessible Image Sample Book with sample interactives while the Developers Working Group is tackling the technical challenge of some of the most common functions, starting with a sub-group focused on drag and drop.

We will be exploring these areas of overlap further at an upcoming Working Group Co-Chairs  meeting which is in the process of being scheduled and would welcome suggestions from any of our community members on ways to take advantage of it. If you have an idea please send it to or to Amaya directly at

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