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BISG 2016 Honors

2016 September 22
by Amaya Webster

Congratulations George Kerscher and Robin Seaman

George Kerscher has been nominated and is currently on the shortlist for two awards, the BISG Industry Champion Award and the BISG Industry Innovation Award. the BISG Industry Champion Award honors an individual whose efforts have gone beyond the requirements of his or her position to advance the publishing industry while embracing BISG’s mission to facilitate innovation and shared solutions for the benefit of all companies and practitioners who create, produce, and distribute published content. The BISG Industry Innovation Award salutes the company or individual who boldly reimagines what publishing is and can be. Congratulations George on these truly impressive and well earned nominations!

Robin seaman, was awarded the BISG Distinguished Service Award. The award is given in recognition of an individual’s outstanding work on behalf of BISG. This year the award is being presented to the BISG Committee Chairs and BISG Working Group Chairs in recognition of all their hard work and efforts in the area of standards and best practices. Congratulations Robin Seaman, BISG Accessibility Working Group Chair, for being one of the people being honored, you deserve it!

Read the full announcement on the BISG website.

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