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DIAGRAM Working Groups

2016 October 31

General Update

It’s that time of year again, when the DIAGRAM working groups get ready to hold their quarterly meetings. In preparation, sub-groups have been formed, drafts of new content written, and potential meeting dates proposed and rejected. The Content Working Group is hoping to meet in December and will be reviewing a new chapter for the Accessible Image Sample Book on Accessible video. The Developers Working Group have formed a sub-committee to explore ways to make a drag and drop functions accessible and will be reporting back to the main Developers group in their next meeting. The 3D Tactile Standards group is currently exploring what to work on next and will be diving into potential project ideas and potential group members the next time they meet. Last, but not least, the Standards Working Group will hold their fourth quarter meeting having recently submitted a metadata proposal to Stay tuned for more detailed information once the meetings have taken place.

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