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2016 December 30
  • Attention DIAGRAM community. For those of you in or around Washington, D.C. you may want to check out the PSP 2017 pre-conference session: “Accessibility Is the New Innovation: From Compliance to New Opportunities” on February 1, 2017, sponsored by the PSP Committee for Digital Innovation (CDI).
  • DIAGRAM at CSUN: February 27 to March 4, 2017 in San Diego, California
    • It’s that time again and we’re sure it will come as no surprise that DIAGRAM will once again be represented in force.  Thanks to the success of last year’s Accessible Math Code Sprint, we will once again hold a pre-conference sprint on February 28, this time focusing on accessible interactive scenarios. If you are a developer and interested in participating, please reach out to Charles LaPierre at CharlesL[at]Benetech[dot]org or Sue-Ann Ma at SueannM[at]Benetech[dot]org.
    • We will also be hosting our DIAGRAM office hours party which will take place from 5-7 p.m. PT on March 2.  Please stay tuned for more information as the date gets closer.
    • If you will be hosting an event or presenting a session let us know. In the next issue of our DIAGRAM Digital Digest, we will highlight the sessions and events that will be of particular interest to our community. You can send your session or event details tot amayaw[at]Benetech[org].

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