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DIAGRAM General Advisory Committee

2017 February 28

The DIAGRAM General Advisory Committee held their first meeting of 2017 which opened with the introduction and welcome of the newest committee member, Patricia Snyder. Attendees were updated on one of DIAGRAM’s newest projects the Registry Repository of Accessible Images (RRAI) as well as on the progress in the Born Accessible arena including the recent publication of the EPUB 3.1 specification family, the IDPF and W3C merger and Benetech’s work on accessibility conformance review. The bulk of the discussion focused around the upcoming DIAGRAM Report which will examine new and upcoming technology that will likely have an impact on people with disabilities. Those technologies consist of:

  1. Coding/computer science
  2. Machine learning
  3. Speech recognition
  4. Personalized learning
  5. Multimedia interactives
  6. Multi modal user interface and tactiles
  7. Video
  8. Artificial intelligence –which we grouped up into machine learning
  9. 3D printing
  10. Robotics
  11. Gaming
  12. Haptics
  13. Gesture recognition
  14. Augmented reality
  15. Emotion detection
  16. Sonification

It was a lively meeting and more detailed accounts of each project discussed will be given in our next newsletter so make sure to check back!

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