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Update on Accessibility Certification Work

2017 February 28
by Charles LaPierre

Benetech has added two new publishers to the pilot program certifying the accessibility of books and have thus far inspected 30 EPUB books.  Here are our current findings:

Based on our review of a broad sample set of publisher files reviewed in the pilot to date, the current average score is 63% and we are observing the following trends:
1. Lists are generally well constructed with a current average of 86%
2. Tables present a challenge to publishers and fail on an average of 55%
3. General accessibility which includes styling, navigation, metadata, etc. is also very poor with an average score of 60%
4. Image accessibility including alt-text, longer descriptions when needed and decorative designations where appropriate is currently averaging 47%

The results thus far provide terrific insight into concrete places for improvement and next steps. Stay tuned for news about upcoming activities in this new certification arena!

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