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Working Group Updates

2017 June 16
by Amaya Webster

The updates below are a combination of updates from the latest working group meetings and the ideas and next steps that came out of the DIAGRAM Strategic Planning Meeting. This update serves as a brief overview. We will go more into depth on the working groups and their projects and next steps during out upcoming webinar in July.

  • Tactiles Working Group

This is a group that has evolved, as befitting a research and development center. It started as the Tactiles working group back in 2015, morphed into the 3D Printing Standards working group, then into the 3D Tactile Standards Working Group and now, after the DIAGRAM Strategic Planning Meeting will be under the new leadership of Jim Allan, and will once again be called the Tactiles Working Group. The charter for the newest iteration of this group is still in production, but given the work they’ve already accomplished, such as their most recent publication, a guide to producing braille with a 3D printer, we’re excited for what’s to come!

  • Content Working Group

The Content Working Group has expanded the Accessible Image Sample Book with a new section on using video closed captions in EPUB. It is a companion to the Resource for Providing Accessible Multimedia that was created in partnership with NCAM. The expanded Image Sample Book is currently available to read online. The EPUB version is forthcoming. The group is now thinking about resources for those creating interactives as well as resources for students who are Deaf and hard of hearing.  They are also in the process of creating new sub-groups to explore accessible interactive content and resources for visual literacy and American Sign Language based on feedback and conversations the came out of the DIAGRAM Strategic Planning Meeting. The group is also working to update their charter and expand their mission statement which will be shared during the upcoming webinar in July.

  • Developers Working Group

The Math in EPUB Task Force met on June 14th with feedback from Macmillan Learning and Elsevier providing some initial feedback.  They are still working on finalizing what we can recommend to publishers on how to put math into an EPUB which will be accessible and still be visually perfect. During the DIAGRAM Strategic Planning meeting, the decision was made to create a new Developers Sub-group, the “Thinking Outside the Box” subgroup. Stay tuned for information on what this group comes up with. We’re sure it will be “outside of the box” and fascinating!

  • Standards Working Group

The W3C has approved the new Publishing Working Group’s charter, whose mission is to enable all Web Publications — with all their specificities and traditions — to become first-class entities on the Web. The WG will provide the necessary technologies on the Open Web Platform to make the combination of traditional publishing and the Web complete in terms of accessibility, usability, portability, distribution, archiving, offline access, and reliable cross-referencing.  Both Charles LaPierre and George Kerscher are a part of this new Working Group.  This is important because only Working Groups can create official W3C Recommended standards where the DPUB Interest Group could only create reference Notes and recommend that other working groups within the W3C add specific accessibility requirements to their specifications.

The W3C has also approved the Digital Publishing Accessibility API Mappings as a W3C Candidate Recommendation:
This is an important step which we needed to happen in order for the new DPUB specific roles for ARIA to be adopted such as (doc-abstract, doc-chapter, doc-endnote, doc-example, doc-glossary, etc.).  Now we just need ARIA 1.1 to become a W3C recommendation that includes these accessibility API mappings.

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