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Fresh DIAGRAM Center Goals

2012 August 31
by anhb

On August 10, the DIAGRAM community gathered once again–this time virtually–to review the goals that came out of our strategic planning at Asilomar and propose how we’ll meet those goals. First we reiterated our mission of making it easier, faster, and more cost effective to make and use accessible images so that students with print disabilities have timely access to the information they need. In other words, our aim is to:

  • Make it easier for content producers to create accessible images
  • Make it easier for consumers to use accessible images via technology
  • Make it easier for both producers and consumers to discover accessible images and tools
  • Make it easier for both to interact with content that need not be stored as traditional images in the first place (e.g., mathematical expressions)

We then laid out specific 3-year objectives that would serve our mission. These objectives fell into four key categories: outreach/piloting, tools, standards, and content. Some of these objectives included:

  • Library of training videos and demos so everyone has easy access to our info
  • Single book/brochure explaining DIAGRAM concept with 10 sample accessible images that have been comprehensively treated so others have tangible examples of what we’re trying to facilitate
  • Reference implementation of tools supporting accessible math, multi-modal accessible images, and content model so tools builders and content creators know what works
  • Support for interactive accessible image widgets so we can inspire more smart image creation
  • Content model support for alternative, multi-modal image representations so we can facilitate as many modes as possible

Links to the recording of the webinar, the PowerPoint slide deck, and the full text of the 3-year goals in our 4 main categories of work are all now available at this link:

To accomplish all these objectives we’re also embarking on some reorganization, reconfiguring our working groups so that they are more aligned with our 4 categories of work and also bringing on a new community manager (starting soon!) to help us work better together. The new working groups will kick off soon with new co-chairs and a new online collaboration space. Thanks to everyone who has signed up for a group and those who have agreed to chair groups. This next phase of our work together promises to be fruitful and exciting!

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