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Museum Makes Art Inclusive Through Description

2018 February 28
by Sina Bahram

The open-source Coyote software was developed by Prime Access Consulting, an inclusive design consulting firm founded by Sina Bahram, for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago to allow anyone at the museum to describe images for the museum’s website. The MCA team is creating both alt-text descriptions of 20–30 words, as well as much longer descriptions, particularly of collection works using the online Coyote tool. Believing that visual descriptions of art are helpful to everyone, not just those who use screen readers, the MCA has now surfaced these beautiful descriptions on their website for all visitors to enjoy. Some of the same techniques that Sina Bahram and the MCA team have used to surface visual descriptions of art are now informing the best practices being examined by the DIAGRAM Center for making STEM materials accessible in EPUB books.

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