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Math Editor Update

2018 May 14
by Amaya Webster

The Benetech Math Editor prototype was presented to the DIAGRAM advisory board earlier this year, and then debuted more publicly, alongside other major math tools, to a standing-room only crowd at this year’s CSUN conference in March. Since then we have conducted dozens of demos and user test sessions with special education teachers and assistive technology specialists, representing students with various learning disabilities and challenges such as dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADD/ADHD, working memory limitations, and restricted eye movement. In one particular case, a math learning specialist who works with students with various learning disabilities was so excited about our tool that she immediately responded with, “I think this tool would be so great for our students. The step-by-step history feature alone would be enough reason to use this tool – but there’s so much more!”  

 We are already using the feedback gathered from educators and students to further enhance and build out the Math Editor. Our future test plans aim to receive feedback from an even broader set of students and educators representing various disabilities and learning differences. Upcoming developments kicking off this summer include front-end improvements and building out a back-end infrastructure (with user registration, database, etc.). We are also reviewing fellow open source platforms and talking with potential edtech partners about integration. Please reach out to Sue-Ann (sueannm[at] if you have platform contacts you would like to put us in touch with or want to get more involved in the user testing this summer. 

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