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Imageshare Update

2018 May 14

Imageshare, a shared, open source platform for educators and consumers to explore and find alternative image resources related to key STEM concepts, is a registry-repository that allows for contributions from multiple sources and pulls from existing libraries. Types of modalities include extended text descriptions, simplified text descriptions, 2D tactile graphics, 3D objects, and captioned videos.  

Imageshare currently has 250 concepts with alternative accommodations. In recent weeks, we focused on incorporating prior user testing feedback to design and roadmap development that will expand usage and the size of the collection. This includes usability improvements in the search and discovery process, as well as adding in new features such as the ability to rate resources and add user comments. Development recently began on the aforementioned features and we expect to have our updated site available later this summer. The longer-term goal for Imageshare is to grow the collection and increase quality by allowing users to share comments and feedback on the files they used from the collection.  

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