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2018 August 31
by Amaya Webster

Imageshare is a shared, open source platform for educators and consumers to explore and find alternative image resources related to key STEM concepts. The tool functions as a registry-repository that includes accessible resources (e.g., 2D tactile graphics, 3D models, multimedia) and also allows for contributions from multiple sources and existing libraries. This quarter, we conducted user feedback sessions on the new Imageshare design mockups with members of the Tactile Working Group. With this feedback, as well as previous testing on various components, we developed a new version of Imageshare, which aims to improve usability and expand the resources in the collection. The new Imageshare will incorporate best practices previously defined by the Diagrammar content model and other accessibility standards, which support more efficient search and discovery of various accessible materials. We also expect to better leverage the broader DIAGRAM community to help expand the collection with additional 2D tactile graphics, 3D models, and other accessible resources.

The new version of Imageshare was released as a soft launch on August 27th and anticipated power users have been invited to help fine tune the tool. In addition to designing the new version of the tool, the DIAGRAM team also began discussions with NCAM on how to apply the user engagement methodology recently designed for the Accessible PEEP project to Imageshare. Look out for updates on the official launch of the Imageshare website and outcomes from our user feedback study in October!

For more on the work that’s being done with Tactile Graphics. Make sure to check out Liz Arum’s post in the Community Spotlight.

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