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AIM Workshop: Web Accessibility of Mathematics

2018 August 31
by Charles LaPierre

In May, DIAGRAM staff attended a week-long workshop held by the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) on “Web Accessibility of Mathematics.” This invitation-only workshop was run by MathJax, with support from AIM. The event involved approximately thirty experts in accessible math, including several active DIAGRAM community members as well as new friends in the accessible math community. Because web browser developers, screen reader developers, accessibility publishers, and math experts were all together in one room, the group was able to work out some of the major issues plaguing accessible math on the web and in EPUB books. This forum also provided a unique opportunity to modify existing standards, paving the way for developers to explore long-established barriers such as retaining braille input for math and real-time spoken MathML. Since these developments were all early proof-of-concepts, next steps will require involvement from the W3C, screen readers, and updates to best practices documentation for content creators.

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