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Out and About

2018 October 30
by Amaya Webster
  • Liz Arum, a DIAGRAM community member, spoke about Imageshare during a panel about “Making Assistive Technologies for People with Disabilities” at World Maker Faire on September 22 in New York.
  • Clayton Lewis, DIAGRAM Advisor, led a one-day “Coleman Workshop on Implications of Developments in Machine Learning for People with Cognitive Disabilities” on October 2 in Colorado.
  • DIAGRAM community member Ally Futty presented at the American Printing House (APH) STEM Consortium on October 4-5 in Kentucky. Attendees of the consortium included educators of the blind and visually impaired as well as AT vendors.=
  • Director of the DIAGRAM Center, Sue-Ann Ma, and DIAGRAM community member, Nicole Johnson, presented a session on “Addressing Diverse Learner Needs Through Multimodal Access” at the National Federation for the Blind’s Tactile Graphics in Education and Careers Symposium on October 11-12 in Maryland.
  • DIAGRAM staff member Charles LaPierre and DIAGRAM Co-PI George Kerscher will be attending the W3C Technical Plenary Advisory Committee (TPAC) meetings on October 22-26 in France.
  • Charles LaPierre and George Kerscher will be presenting “Mathematics in Born Accessible Publications” at the Accessing Higher Ground Conference scheduled for November 14-16 in Colorado.

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