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Summary of the 2019 Strategic Planning Meeting

2019 June 5
by Amaya Webster

A group of meeting participants having a discussion.The 2019 DIAGRAM strategic planning meeting was held on February 28 and March 1 in Leesburg, Virginia. The primary goals of the meeting were to:

  • review outcomes and learnings to date in the DIAGRAM project
  • share and highlight tools and resources developed by the community
  • identify emerging technologies and areas where accessibility support is at risk and needs to be addressed, both immediately and longer-term
  • analyze and strategize on sustainability priorities and plans for our collective efforts
  • agree on priorities and next steps for moving forward, including updating charters for working groups.

60 people attended, of whom, 12 were new to the DIAGRAM community and 25 were first-time participants in a DIAGRAM Strategic Planning Meeting. Over the two days, A photograph of a large group of participants observing a demo given by Volker Sorge.participants explored topics such as what usability means for various disability audiences and ways to produce larger-scale impact (e.g., through adoptions, dissemination, or spheres of influence). They also discussed how technology shifts impact our priorities and work in the world of standards/best practices development and tools creation. And as always they continued to examine how to better work with DIAGRAM’S ever evolving and growing community, whether as individual contributors with specialized skills, adoption partners, or connectors who can help us reach and influence the broader technology and edtech market. Working groups also had opportunities to meet, which resulted in the following updates:

  • The Outreach Working Group and Content Working Group combined, with plans to assemble real-world examples of how DIAGRAM tools and resources are being used by students, educators and parents, content producers, and edtech partners.
  • A new working group addressing user feedback and testing was formed.
  • The Developers, Standards, Tactile, and Research Working Groups had an opportunity to meet in person, recruit new members, and set concrete priorities and goals for the coming months.

All and all it was a fun and productive meeting, that was well-received by participants, with 95.6% of individuals describing the meeting as either productive or extremely productive.


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