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2020 January 7
by Amaya Webster

2019 was a very exciting year for Mathshare. For starters, we launched the beta! Feel free to check it out and see what Mathshare can do for you and your students. If launching the beta wasn’t enough, we also had the opportunity to pilot it with EdReady and a class in Montana for a semester. From there we added updates to make it more screen reader accessible. We also added integrations for Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams so that teachers can use it in conjunction with learning systems they are already using. Lastly, we added personalization features for students with disabilities to modify for their individual needs.

In 2020 we are exploring advanced sketching features and ways to make the sketchpad more usable and accessible for students. We will also be adding grading for assignments and ways for teachers to determine student progress. Make sure to check back for updates on our 2020 progress.

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