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Content WG Co-chair pre-meeting

2012 October 15
by Amaya Webster

Date: October 12, 2012

Present: Elaine Ober, Lucia Hasty, Julie Noblitt, Anh Bui

Subject: Content Working Group co-chair premeeting

A. Content Working Group: 2012-2015 Goals and objectives for Content WG (from Asilomar):

(1) Single book/brochure explaining DIAGRAM concept with 10 sample accessible images that have been comprehensively treated so others have tangible examples of what we’re trying to facilitate.
a. This is likely going to be the topic for the inaugural meeting.
b. Envisioning a book that could be accessed online – braille files, e.g., can be posted
c. Would be great to have a short video showing how someone would use the resource.

(2) At least one image library with some images with cleared licensing so people have access to accessible images
a. DIAGRAM interested in hosting – need advice in the info gathering and planning
b. Big challenge – interview others who have tried this (ImageShare in UK – RNIB, for example). Elaine going to visit National Braille Press next week – will inquire.
c. Rights challenges – who owns the images, usage tracking, etc.
d. Challenge with tactiles – nobody owns them – not the same as original
e. Might be good to ask someone at PhotoEdit to join as special guest in a WG discussion.

(3) Explore Learning Registry for searching images across multiple libraries so we make it easier to find accessible images
a. Providing a way to register images with universal identifiers. (DOIs are too expensive)
b. Benetech to lead this discussion.

(4) Understand the content creation and consumption workflow so we identify addressable gaps in the process and fill the gaps
a. Involves interviewing publishers and other content creators to analyze workflow
b. Not advocacy
c. Who are the best people to talk to? Elaine has an list of interview subjects

a. Efficacy research: Some are against replacing images with descriptions – need research to show why it’s necessary
b. Assessment and testing
c. Full federated search across libraries: Would be great to have a Google search for accessible images, ideally.

B. WG member availability: How much time commitment? Do we do more recruiting for the working groups?
Likely not necessary to expand group. Will likely have task forces working on particular things. Great to have special guest speakers from time to time.

C. Logistics
(1) Scheduling the quarterly meetings: Challenging to get the large group together – decide what constitutes a quorum – set quarterly meeting dates in advance
(2) Setting the time lines for reporting and deliverables: To be determined based on projects. Regular reporting to Advisory Board required. Assign note-taker in your group for each meeting (can be the same person each time or different people)
(3) Collaboration space for your teams (replacement for Central Desktop: Benetech will be moving content out of CD and posting to special web pages for ease of accesss. Looking at using WordPress for collaboration tool, but dashboard accessibility must be addressed first. Two challenges: accessibility and useability. (That is, CD was accessible, but not usable.) Will consult and test new solution before implementation.

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