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Standards WG Co-chair pre-meeting

2012 October 15
by Amaya Webster

DIAGRAM Standards Working Group Co-chairs meeting

Date: October 11, 2012

Present: George Kerscher, Mark Hakkinen, Anh Bui, Julie Noblitt

Reminder of 2012-2015 Goals and objectives for Standards WG (from Asilomar):

  1. Official DIAGRAM rep at IDPF for EPUB3 so we can effectively advocate for ebook standards that support image accessibility – DONE!
  2. While continuing to monitor HTML5, spend more time on standards such as LRMI, ONIX, IMS standards so we make sure accessible images are part of learning systems and other educational content
  3. Content model support for alternative, multi-modal image representations so we can facilitate as many modes as possible
  4. Multi-modal, smart image standards so we can advocate and demonstrate good models
  5. ON RADAR: Global image identifier (URN)
  6. ON RADAR: Assessment standards

Focus on standards: monitoring HTML5, LRMI, ONIX, IMS, APIP, etc.

  1. Play a leadership role on harmonization of standards: aim to have a rep in each group who can influence outcomes
  2. Have educational material available on web site.
  3. Need to educate ourselves and whole WG on all these standards so we are all speaking the same language – could someone from ETS help with this, esp. re: APIP?
  4. W3C is going to host a digital publishing workshop in NYC Feb 15-16, 2013 (Fri-Sat), right after TOC. We should have someone speaking there.
  5. Make sure Content Model stays up to date and make sure that people use it.

Smart images

  1. W3C runs symposia – should propose symposium in smart images
  2. Image map in the content model – pretty straightforward to do this. Define a standard to back it up.
  3. Jump in and take the lead on images in the ongoing HTML5 standards battle.
  4. EPUB 3.1 – ISO technical spec in 2013 – must have image accessibility in there now
  5. Goal: get vendor participation (Mark says Apple very interested)

 WG member availability: How much time commitment? Do we do more recruiting for the working groups?

  1. Time commitment is quarterly meetings
  2. Allow for “invited experts” to join meetings or consult on special projects if necessary (e.g. Ted Drake from Intuit, who is interested in making images both accessible and sharable)


  1. Scheduling the quarterly meetings – recommend setting the meeting dates in advance
  2. Setting the time lines for reporting and deliverables – regular reports for the Advisory Board
  3.  Collaboration space for teams – Central Desktop will no longer be used. Benetech will migrate content off of CD to special area in web site. Looking at using WordPress as a collaborative tool. Investigating plugins to make dashboard accessible. Would be very nice to have the ability to pick editing mode (WYSIWYG vs. text-only) and be able to save that preference.

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